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Exotics Dark Brown Hair

Exotics Dark Brown Hair

If you want to be different, you can make your hair into dark brown hair. The colors are very soft and not too flashy. This hair color will add an exotic impression on your hair. You will look sexy with that hair color. Before you choose this color, you have to adjust with your skin tone.

Dark brown hair is suitable for use by women who have the brown skin such as Selena Gomez. Hair color Selena makes her looks really pretty. Especially if the hair color is accompanied with a long haircut as Selena’s hair. Besides looking beautiful, you will have exotic and feminine impression.

To add to the beauty of dark brown hair, you can add highlights to your hair. Highlights will give the impression of luxury in your hair. Some celebrities also have this hair color, beside Selena Gomez, there are Kim kadarshian, Cameron Diaz and much more. All of them have brown skin tone.

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